Miscellaneous Information

I am always looking for more designs to post, so if you have one you want to place on this page, attach it to an email with the information on this form.

Be sure to indicate whether your design is an original or a modification. If it's a modification, identify your source. You can also include a URL and/or comments in the text file which will be zipped with your carset file. Finally, indicate whether you wish for your email address to appear in this file.

If you need help importing these files into ICR2, or if you want to know more about creating your own designs, my Painting ICR2 Cars section explains the procedure.

Chas Bornemann / Jose Ramos (text e-mail)

Click on the red ball to download.

Download 1992 Season John Perkins
Download 1994 Season John Perkins
Download 1998 Cart/Fedex Leandro Schmidt
Download 1998 Cart John Welkener
Download 1997 Cart Precision Racing Chris Woloshansky
Download Indy 500 Winners Russ Bundy
Download Indy 500 Greats Russ Bundy
Download CART 1988 Graham Fuller
Download CART 1991 Graham Fuller
Download CART 1993 Wes Dulaney
Download CART 1997 Devin Pruzin
Download CART 1997 Michael E. Carver and Richard C. Montgomery
Download CART/PPG 1997 Junae Ludvig
Download CART 1997 Earl Ma
Download CART 1997 (with new shapes and adjustable wing sets) Junae Ludvig
Download CART 1997 (with new Reynard shapes) John Welkener
Download IRL 1997 Marcelo Bassino, Mark Gill, Tim Pinion and Gary Godsoe
Download Indy Lights 1997 Jeff Schueler
Download Indy Lights 1998 Jared Thompson
Download Formula 1 1997 David Mocnay
Download Formula 1 1997 Aaron Martin, David Mocnay and Robin Tice
Download 1998 IRL 40-Car Carset - Must use SETOPT11 Steve Kilsdonk
Link NASSET by Ben Keough Numerous artists
Download IndyCars of the 1970s by Jeff Schueler
Download IndyCars of the 1980s by Jeff Schueler
Download Indy 1995 Earl Ma
Link CART 1995 Earl Ma
Link CART 1995 Michael E. Carver
Link CART 1996 Earl Ma
Link CART 1996 Michael E Carver
Link CART 1996 Devin Pruzin
Link CART 1997 Graham Fuller
Link Formula 1 Greats Al Sutton
Link Formula 1 1993 Steve Blackwell
Link Formula 1 1995 Steve Blackwell
Link Formula 1 1996 Steve Blackwell