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    It's them durned Duke boys again.  Built on the engine from the highly anticipated (but cancelled) TAR68-72 Dukes of Hazzard tries to create a whole storyline around a driving game.  If you've never seen the show, watch it and then come back here.  If not, read on.  I'll admit, as with GPL, I'm a bit partial.  I watched every episode as a kid, then on TNN repeats, had the HotWheels sized cars, the playset, the General Lee (Oh yeah, did I mention this game lets you drive the General Lee?), and the Bo and Luke figures. I even got the General Lee model last year and recently ordered Daisy's Jeep model. Man was I upset as a little kid when I found out the show was cancelled.  It was a great show, special guests ranged from MMMel Tillis, Waylon, Loretta to Cale Yarborough, their idol.  Didn't care much for Coy & Vance though.

    The main part of this game will be on the characters/story/environment, not another GPL but not Midtown Madness either.  You won't have major fistfights, which were a prominent part of the TV show.  3 skill levels allow all to play, and the skill level controls the AI for Roscoe and Enos (though I think any AI is too much for Roscoe <g>) along with the time to complete a task.  The skills should accomodate everyone from your kids to Carl Culp.  You will have 25 missions, along with multiplayer to keep you busy.  And you WILL have the dynamite arrows to use during the game. Basically, the Duke Boys are being viewed as the guys who robbed the Hazzard Co. Bank.  Boss Hogg will forclose on the farm again, and a former Hogg friend turned enemy, Black Jack Perril is back and causing trouble (which could involve Daisy!).

    Do you want animations?  Well, 25 minutes/450MB of rendered animation is in the game.  There is no full motion video in the game.

    Are the real stars lending there voices? James Best back as Roscoe P. Coultrain Waylon Jennings-Narrator/singer (who'll be doing the goofy voiceovers in the game too!)  Tom Wopat-Luke Duke along with stand in's playing other voice roles.  Flash the lethargic dog isn't in the game but in the credits.

    How about driving?  You can drive, among other vehicles, the General Lee, and Daisy's Jeep.

    Sadly, I must end this with news all too common as of late.  Sorrel Burke-Boss Hogg, the man who showed us not all bad guys wear black hats, passed away several years ago.  Uncle Jesse is very ill, fighting a diease last year but I believe he is still alive "fighting the good fight" as he would say.

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