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    • Windows 95 with DirectX5
    • Pentium 133 with 3D card (Minimum). Pentium 200 with 3D card (Preferred)
    • 16mb Ram (Minimum). 64mb Ram (Preferred)
    • CD-Rom
    • Sound Card with DirectX5
  • Tune the engine based on track conditions
  • Race 19 different NHRA tracks both day and night
  • Race against NHRA champions like John Force, Joe Amato or Kenny Bernstein
  • 6000 hp and speeds in excess of 300mph !!!
  • Both top fuel drags and funny cars
  • 3D Sound recorded at live NHRA events
  • A 3D environment for either day or night racing. I'm not sure if this means that the game will require 3dfx of not.
  • Replays with with multiple camera angles
  • Garage that allows you to tuneup the car based on weather conditions. Use setup data from top NHRA teams too.

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  • Setups 2 - Great setups for Atlanta, Denver, NEC Dome and Pocono. Tune-ups from Troy Haas
  • Funny Car Setups - 19 Top Fuel Funny Car tune ups from yours truly . These tune ups will pin you back in the seat real hard !

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Offline Racing

  • Offline Drag racing with the new N.H.R.A. Drag racing simulator is just firing up ! If your interested in offline racing , and you love burning up the 1/4 mile...then check out these links for rules, sign-up , and all you need to know to compete against Drag Racers all over the World !

  • Offline Racing is also firing up at the N.H.R.A Drag Racing Sim site located at http://www.nhradragracingsim.com. This site is the official N.H.R.A. Drag Racing Simulator Headquarters . If you want to race here , you could win a free trip to the N.H.R.A. finals held in Pomona, California at the and of the "Real" N.H.R.A. season . The details about the trip can be found at the above link. You can also sign-up for the offline season, read the rules , and get technical help for your N.H.R.A. sim at this link also. Check'em out !

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