DTR Sprint Car Demo It's finally here!!! This is your chance to try out the most awaited racing sim in years, DTR Sprint Cars

Dirt Track Racing DemoThis demo doesn't take long to unload and lets you try out the sim on three tracks, even online

DTR Patch 1.02d (for the full version) This patch is for the full version, and fixes a couple things, such as prevents illegal cars and engines online, and lets the host set the grid in online races.

Setup Utility This utility lets you import and export individual setups, like the Papyrus sims. You can add setups without losing yours. By Paul Graham

New Engine Sounds This file adds new engine sounds to all three classes of cars. This file cannot be posted on other sites.

Sim Cyberworld Sponsor add this to your sim and maybe you can attract your favorite site as a sponsor

DTR 1.02d No CD run DTR 1.02d without putting your CD in the drawer. Read the readme carefully, it takes a specific install

Career Series

Series Creator This file lets you make up your own series in one player career mode.

These files are all called Series.str. Create a folder for each one in
\Program Files\Ratbag\Dirt Track Racing\data\series\##### (where ##### is the name of the series).

You need to start a new career before these will show up and can be used.

Race against the Pros You can run against the pros in NASCAR and in World of Outlaws, why not in DTR? Well, Tim Heard changed that for us. Using the HAT-STARS carset and the Hagerstown, Sardis Lake, Gas City, Stateline, Larue, and Wayne County Speedways available  on this site, you can race against the sport's big names. If the series does not come up, make sure you have started a new career, then check the names of the track folders against the ones in this file (no capitol letters and all one work, for example waynecounty and gascity)

Money Cheat Lets you progress through the stock class (where it's hard to break even) into the faster cars, or earn some big bucks to fix a badly damaged car by John Bodin

Mad Dog Big 10 A big money stock race at Eldora by Jerry Carnathan

Most great drivers start out winning the season championship at their home town track. In fact, many big name late model drivers compete in one or more track championships while chasing the big money shows. No Arlington isn't my home track, but has a good "Saturday night" feel.

Stock Season Championship ver 1.01 twelve race track championship at Arlington Speedway, difficulty adjusted to match touring series by Mike Spinelli

Late Model Season Championship ver 1.01 twelve race track championship at Arlington, winnings adjusted for the sims maintenance costs by Mike Spinelli