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DTR Sprint Cars by Ratbag         Sprint Cars by Head Games

DTR Sprint Cars

    The most awaited racing sim in years is almost here!!! Voted by a SCW poll as the most anticipated racing sim, DTR is definitely everything we've wanted in a sprint car sim, and more!!!

    Built using the same sim engine as DTR, the "Racing Game of the Year" in 1999, DTR Sprints gives you the same features that we had with DTR, the career mode where you work your way from nobody to World of Outlaws champ, the heats-last chance-feature race system used in short track racing, the sponsorships, and the wide variety of track surfaces, shapes, sizes, and banking. It also adds a great video replay system, and the most exciting cars in the world, to watch or to drive.

    The sprints are more difficult to drive than the DTR late models, with the more powerful engines and shorter wheelbases. They will take quite a bit of seat time to master. That will make online racing trickier, although the shorter narrower cars seem to make up for that somewhat.

    Just about everything is upwardly cmopatible too, most of our edited tracks will work, including the pavement ones. That in itself has created a whole new sim. Do I sense a new division for the IDRS? hee hee. The architecture is very similar, so the series creators and setup utilities should be able to work with SC with some fine tuning.

    If you're looking for DTRSC, make sure you read the box carefully. Head Games came out with a poor imitation and the box looks exactly like Ratbag's box.

New Features


  •  Pure Sim Engine!!!
  • Arcade mode
  • Tuning your car
  • Purchasing new cars
  • Changing conditions in the track surface (dry/wet)
  • Progression from a nobody to a Late Model champion
  • Various racing divisions
  • Car Damage
  • Sponsors will court you (and vise versa)
  • Selling old cars for money
  • Fine tuning a setup after upgrading your car
  • 10 player multiplayer mode
  • Video replay system
  • The AI cars are actual World of Outlaws
  • Actual tracks, Eldora, Knoxville, Williams Grove, Hagerstown, Lernerville, Terre Haute, 20 in all

  • Sprint Car Racing by Head Games

         Well, the pictures on the box look cool. Other than that, I haven't heard one nice thing about this sim.

        A lot of people (Ratbag included) say the sim is trying to attract people looking for the Ratbag DTRSC, and the box looks almost exactly like Ratbag's.

        The best review I have heard is that someone got a copy of the GAME free and after trying it said they paid too much for it. We're not going to waste any more cyber space on this product unless they greatly improve their quality.