F1 2000 PREVIEW 
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EA F1 2000 (Formula 1 Racing Simulation)
Release Date: Rather Soon
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    What, an EA Sports game at SC!  Has all of that popup revenue got to Chas?
Actually, so long as no one finds a way to screw it up before it's release this will be THE F1sim this year, regardless of how GP3 turns out, with it's primarily GP2-style engine.  This game is no joke, unlike the NASCAR titles EA released last year.  The F1 tracks sport Photo-graphic realism (including grafitti), not unlike the approach Access took when creating courses for the Links golf series. The cockpit is a true 3D model, not just a typical 2D overlay.  It should seem pretty familiar, it bears a striking resembalance to the only other F1 sim's cockpit.  All the usual helps are to be expected, anti-spin, autobrake/shift...  Setups range from gears to engine tuning and individual shock adjustments.  The damage model is supposed to be incredible.  Once damaged, wheels will dangle from the car before falling off (So much for wheel tethers).  Cars may flip over, or tires may shred.  Other "trivial" details in teh game are glowing brake discs, heads affected by turns (like the MS CPR game) and individual models of each car in the game.  The popular newsgroup rumour is that the SS's released now are not the final game, they are '99 car mockups but will be updated to 2000 spec before release.  It apears the years of ridicule have finally created the racing game we knew EA was capable of.
Some Screenshots
  • Turning Head to see Lapped Arrows
  • Look Familiar?
  • 3rd Place, Must be Irvine