Welcome to the "GrandPrix 2 Track Builder Page" at Simulator Cyberworld. There have been many new tracks created for GP2 with the new track editor that is now available in the Utilities section. Below, the tracks are broken up into three categories: Fantasy, World GP2 tracks, and CART/Nascar tracks. As new tracks become available, they will be posted to this web page.

INSTALLING NEW TRACKS: All tracks posted all have text files along with them on how to install them into GP2.  When you unzip the archived file, the track.dat file needs to be named to f1ct01.dat through f1ct16.dat and copy that file into the CIRCUITS directory.  Be sure to save the old "f1ctxx.dat"  file so you can go back to the original GP2 track when done racing the new track.

If there are jam files, they need to be put in the GAMEJAMS directory. Inside GAMEJAMS directory, you create a directory specified by the text file given along with the track.

Now you are ready to race the track.  You can always leave the new JAMS directory in there permanently even though you dont have the track.dat installed. You may run into JAMS having the same name, in that case you have to overwrite the new jams to get correct graphics.

If the track name has a link to it, this takes you to the track information section which shows a picture of the track, some personal lap times, setups, and replays done by members of the SC web site.  This is in progress at this time.  The following information is what SC members are using to turn their personal lap times.

Name System Display Controller
Dave Thayer 200 MHz Pentium Projection screen TSW

Fantasy GP2 Tracks

These following tracks have been created by racers that with their creative minds have come up with the following Fantasy tracks. They have spent many hours; to create these excellant Road tracks for GP2. I have enjoyed racing on all of them.

Track Name Creator Creation Date Download
Tunnels Road Track(short) Martijn Keizer August 25, 1998
Tunnels Road Track(long) Martijn Keizer October 1, 1998
Euroring Road track Robin Day August 18, 1998
SepaDelf  Road Track Martijn Keizer May 8, 1998
StuwLake Road Track(short) Martijn Keizer June 25, 1998
StuwLake Road Track(long) Martijn Keizer October 1, 1998
Ska Valley Road Track Ignasi Calvo July 27, 1998
Desert Rally Road Track Glenn Durden April 10,1998
St Senoux II Road Track Cyprien&Denis April 17, 1998

World GP2 Real Tracks

These following real tracks are tracks that racers have seen around the world and have created/modified them for the GP2 game. They have put in many hours of work to come up with the tracks listed below. Some may have a few graphics defects, but are fun to race on.

Track Name Creator Creation Date Download

Bermgarten"54" (Switzerland)

Adrean Welti

October 3, 1998
Buenos aires(Argentina) Peter L Kessler May 30, 1998
Birmingham(UK) Warren Jenks May 20,1998
Brands Hatch "98" Warren Jenks August 11, 1998
Doningtom Park(UK) Gethin Jones Sept. 6, 1998
Estroril "93" Rui Pinto August 31, 1998
Helsinke Thunder(Finland) Matti Laitemen June 15, 1998
Kyalami(South Africa) Kent Windridge August 10, 1998
Mexico City(Mexico) Peter L Lessler May 13, 1998
Melbourne(Australia) Glenn Durden April 17, 1998
Melborne(Australia) Fabrice Lagarde August 29, 1998
Nurburgring(Germany) Andreas Bosch July 17, 1998
Phillip Island Glenn Durden August 19, 1998
Panorama(Australia) Glenn Durden August 19, 1998
Sandown(Australia) Glenn Durden August 19, 1998
Silverstone(UK) Graeme Nash April 17, 1998
Thruxtom(UK) Warren Jenks August 12, 1998
Zeltweg(Austria) Graeme Nash June 17, 1998
Zandvoort "80"( Netherlands) VanWijngaardn Sept.  30, 1998

CART/Nascar tracks for GP2

These following names of the real tracks are driven by the PPG Cart and Nascar racers and have created  for the GP2 game. Since the SC web site has a big emphasis on Nascar and Indycar, I have put most of the latest converted tracks up on this page for you to download and enjoy. The authors of these tracks  have put in many hours of work to come up with the tracks listed below. Some may have a few graphics defects, but are excellant to race on.

Track Name Creator Creation Date Download
Detroit Belle Isle(USA) Roland Ehnstrom June 25, 1998
Detroit(USA) Ponk March 4, 1998
Elkhart Lake(USA) Roland Ehnstrom August 8, 1998
Indy(USA) Ignasi Calvo June 3, 1998
Long Beach(USA) Roland Ehnstrom May 11, 1998
Leguna Seca(USA) Roland Ehnstrom April 25, 1998
Las Vegas(USA) Ponk Feb 26, 1998
Mid Ohio(USA) Roland Ehnstrom August 17, 1998
Phoenix(USA) Andrew Daley Sept. 6, 1998
Portland(USA) Ville Tikaoja July 25, 1998
Surfers Paradise(Australia) Roland Ehnstrom June 12, 1998
Toronto(Canada) Roland Ehnstrom July 30, 1998
Taledega(USA) Ignasi Calvo July 25,1998
Vancouver(Canada) Roland Ehnstrom Sept. 10, 1998
Vancouver(Canada) Fat Rat May 1, 1998
Watkins Glen(USA) Graeme Nash March 4, 1998