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Lots more screenshots and info
Release Date: Think first GP race of 2000
Maintained by Larry Currie
    This game is the sequel to the underrated Grand Prix Manager and virtually unknown sequel GPM2.  GPM was a great game, once the patches were applied.  I have never played GPM2.  Basically, you'll do everything for a F1 team except drive.  The game has had major graphics overhauls and is looking great.  Not much I can say about the game other than I's still basically GPM with an overhaul&update. (note to GPM originoal players-GPM 1.0 where the Forti's could win and you couldn't is a much better game after you applied the patch)  Here's some screenshots of GPW aka GPM 3.
  • Main Menu
  • Spa Race Managing Team Scudera Ferrari at Spa Francorchamps
  • Australian Trackmap
  • Driver Orders for Takagi
  • Managing 1998 Chassis Construction
  • The Jordan Sponsorship Screen
  • News from the Imola GP
  • Managing Team Stewart at Monaco (check out the scenery)
  • Sauber in Brazil
    Grand Prix Legends was updated December 18, 1999