The following section is dedicated to the new and old Wheel controllers that are out on the market including the new force feedback wheels. So strap in and enjoy the reviews to make you decide which wheel controller is best suited for your needs and budget.

Wheel controllers range in price from 50 dollars on up to 600 dollars or more depending on what you want to spend or need for high performance racing online or offline. Some are made of all durable plastic with bungee chords to the higher priced ones made of very durable metals, heavy duty springs, real steering wheels, and nice rubber enclosers and wooden bases. So if you just won the lotto check or trying to make ends meet, there is a wheel controller for you at the local computer stores or private manufacturers.

Myself, I have had the T2, TSW, TSW-2, the Thrustmaster Pro, and now the Microsoft Sidewinder FF wheel controller. Each wheel I have enjoyed in what they did in racing games. Each one has its breakdowns time to time and parts are readily available from the manufacturer that builds the units.

There will be other reviews of wheel controllers that others on the SC team have or from other drivers.  As we get them, they will be posted here on this page.

Dave Thayer