The Body

     The body holds "flavors" and there is no special order for the ocurrence of flavors in a 3DO file. Just one thing is needed: any flavor called must have an offset minor to the caller flavor's offset.

There are two types of Flavor #0, one for regular polygons, and one for texture-mapped polygons. The texture-mapped polygons also have an x and y extra coordinates defined for the location within the MIP image that this vertex corresponds to.

Each flavor allows the sim to define a particular property of the 3D object, a track 3DO file will need certain flavors, meanwhile trackside objects andcars will need other.

The units used by the sim are:
        Coordinates:           1 unit  = (1/500) inches
        Angles     :  2147483648 units = 180 degrees

Units related to track length or position are defined by the TRK file.

All numeric values are stored as long integers, except the X and Y MIP coordinates from the Flavor #0.

Offsets are calculated from the end of the header, and start in zero. If a flavor doesn't need to call an offset, but its structure requires a call, the value will be set to zero.