The Header

The header holds the information related to the body's contents.

  00-03   body's size (filesize - length of header)
  04-07   root's offset
  08-11   number of MIP files used by this 3DO file
  12-15   number of PMP files used by this 3DO file
  16-19   number of 3DO files used by this 3DO file
  20-XX   file names (XX is 19 + 8*number of files)

The file names are each stored in 8 bytes, left-justified, with value (00)hex being used to fill in any extra space at the end.  The file extension is not given inside the 3DO file, instead, the extensions MIP, PMP, and 3DO are assumed for their respective file types.  All MIP files are listed first, followed my all of the PMP files, followed finally by all of the 3DO files.