Lexington Speedway

Lexington is a 3/4 mile tri-oval with only 4 degrees of banking making it a difficult track to race on. But as with all flat tracks, it provides a good challenge to the driver and that is the reason it exists.

Set in the Lexington Kentucky area, Lexington Motor Speedway has it's own personality that will leave you pulling your hair out as you try to conquer the place made to wreck race cars.

Lexington is one of the Winter Heats tracks and the first one released to the public. Alot of drivers I think would rather see this place bulldozed than have to come back and race another 30 lap feature here again, but short track racing on flat tracks is never going to be easy and that's the fun of Lexington. It's a tough place to tame ! Can you?

This Indy Car 2 version of the track is really unique in that it is similar to driving a road course and a super speedway on a short track. Two very different corners and a back straight that almost reminds you of driving somewhere other than an oval and speeds that aren't at all slow for a track with only 4 degrees banking.

If it were only a quarter mile longer it would be a nice replacement track for the Colorado track.