Golden State Speedway

Golden State is a 2 mile asphalt oval with 14 degree bankings in the corners and 11 degree bankings along the front straight. The back straight is almost flat. The track is based upon the Michigan track which has 18 degree bankings in the corners. Golden State IS NOT California, but is designed to be a replacement track for California in your Nascar 1 calendar.

Even though the bankings are only 4 degrees different in the corners, you will find that the tracks drive very different so your Michigan setups may not work well at Golden State. What I have found to be the key so far is to brake hard into the turns and dive low so your 2 left side tires are below the white line in turn 1. In Turn 3 dive into the turn with your tires just above the white line and then drift up. In both corners, you may not want to accelerate until you reach the center of the corners.

To make it easier to compete, the ai have been re-programmed to also brake into the corners and should drive very similar to your best line. So far I have found that 3 and 4 wide racing is very normal at Golden State and if you start in the middle or the back of the field watch yourself. The cars will pass you high and low at the same time both along the straights and in the corners !!!

To install this track, simply unzip the contents of the zip file into your michigan directory located in your Nascar/tracks directory and at the dos prompt type goldenst. Be sure to follow the instructions in the readme file.