East Troy Motorsports Complex

East Troy is a .526 mile semi-banked asphalt oval set in the dairy rich farmland of southeast Wisconsin. With it's tight turns and relatively flat turns, East Troy is a fantastic driving experience.

Traffic can be a real problem as well since there is only one fast line around the race track. Cars that get high in the turns have to slow way down so getting high means being passed. And the ai here are tough as well. They race like true short trackers, bumping you and racing you hard every lap.

The turns are tree lined with billboards and the front straight has a small grandstand like most short tracks. Along the backstretch, you'll see the local dairy farmer turning out some of Wisconsin's finest cheddar. And as you exit turn 4, you'll see the place to go after the races. THE BEER TENT !!!!!!!!

All in all, East Troy will rank as one of the finest and most competitive short tracks made. I hope you enjoy it.