Lake Geneva Raceway

Lake Geneva is a .525 mile flat concrete oval. Much time has gone into Lake Geneva Raceway to bring it to this point and there is no doubt this may be one of the toughest tracks to drive that has been created for Nascar 2.

LGR is an exceptionally wide track, but you will need every inch of it to race well here. Since the track has absolutely no bankings the guardrails around the track come up fast, so you want to stay high on the straights and dive to the bottom of the track on the corners. You'll also need to slam the brakes to keep you from sliding high into the corners. And if you get into the corners to fast? SMUCK. Meet Mr. Guardrail !

So setup is the key. Without a good setup you have no chance to be competitive. So be creative, and when you find a good setup be sure to share it with others who may not be the wiz you are.

And of course always remember to go fast and turn left !