141 Speedway

141 is the track Chas first cut his teeth at driving an old 1973 4 door Buick LeSabre. That was oh so many years ago since that old tank first circled the 1/4 mile with blazing 16 second laps. So it's a natural thing that this tiny 1/4 mile oval be brought to the simulators as well. Only no old 4 door street stocks to bang around this time :)

141 Speedway opened originally as a 1/2 mile dirt oval in 1949. The 1/2 mile was paved sometime during the early 1950's with the 1/4 mile track being built in 1959. During the 1960's and 1970's 141 was a hotbed of Super Modified racing action in the midwest.

During the late 1980's the track fell on hard times and eventually closed in 1990. However it was reopened with record crowds and record car counts in the 1998 season. Today, the track runs a weekly show consisting of Mid-American style touring stock cars, street stocks and mini-stocks.

BB&B strived to make this track as real as possible and in our opinion did just that. The narrow racing groove still allows for some great two wide racing all around the track and passing is extremely difficult. Since so many others also cut their teeth racing weekly shows at bullrings just like 141, this track is for you. The short track enthusiast. Now can you learn patience?