• If you would like to submit an ICR2 car, please submit the ZIP file (with the PCX) to Chas Bornemann.
  • Be sure to indicate whether your design is an original or a modification. If it's a modification, identify your source. If you see a car on this page that you believe is yours, and you do not want it distributed on this site, please let me know immediately and I will remove it.

#23 Texaco/NSBC Indy Car Jose Miguel Phillips VIEW DOWNLOAD
#05 HDT Marlboro Indy Car Glen Keogh VIEW DOWNLOAD
#13 Ortho Indy Car Dave Reuille VIEW DOWNLOAD
#55 Nokia Indy Car Alf Truenbach VIEW DOWNLOAD
#8 Budweiser Indy Car Anderson Puff VIEW DOWNLOAD
#99 Greg Moore Tribute Indy Car Cartracer29 VIEW DOWNLOAD
#29 Sealfin Indy Car Gary Shultis Jr VIEW DOWNLOAD
#20 Home Depot Indy Car Tom Smith VIEW DOWNLOAD
#5 Homelink Indy Car Tom Dellinger VIEW DOWNLOAD
#40 Inn N Out Indy Car Lachlan Craven VIEW DOWNLOAD
#13 Mitsubishi Indy Car Paulo Costa VIEW DOWNLOAD
#8 WWF Attitude Indy Car Chad Deal VIEW DOWNLOAD
#8 Wendys Indy Car Tom Dellinger VIEW DOWNLOAD
#12 Target Super Indy Car Jeff McKeand VIEW DOWNLOAD
#1 Oakley/Mobil Indy Car Leonardo Azario Hilzendeger VIEW DOWNLOAD

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