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The latest car shapes for the WoO style car and USAC Silver Crown cars.

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News Notes - November, 1999 - Yep, it's gonna be finished. We've run into hard times on the project. What I mean by that is real life simply got in the way of the fun for a few months. Here's a status report - Car Shapes (will be done in the next week or so), Tracks - being tweaked, Carsets - Will be painted when the car shapes are done. Everything else is already done.

We removed all the old stuff now and decided to give ya the latest scoop (bout time eh?). In a few days we will have a short movie released of the sprint cars in action. It will be an in car teaser of a few laps at Premier Speedway in Australia. Yep, we're giving our friends down under something to root for right off the bat. Emotions for good open wheel action run high down there and they truly deserve it, so why not on the high banked 400 meter track at Warnabool? I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the sideways action you're gonna see.

What will this sprint thingy all include? We are going for the dirt feel with it, and will give a full World of Outlaw carset and carshape along with a USAC Silver Crown Carset and Carshape. Now if ya asphalt guys are all worried, you can convert a ton of USAC asphalt tracks from N2/99 over to ICR2 like Phoenix and IRP just for kicks.

Tracks are gonna be plenty as well. Right now Eldora (correctly configured) with that little kink on the backstretch, Premier Speedway, Terre Haute, Knoxville and many others are already done. Tri-City, Manzanita and Devils Bowl (that nasty place with the D shaped backstretch that began the WoO 20 some years ago) are nearly complete ! I'll post a complete list of tracks and drivers included on the next update.

The carshape is getting there and has honestly been the biggest headache to date as well as the biggest hold up. I see emails quite often from folks saying I'm gonna make one for such and such a sim, but hey, I'm having a heck of a time with it so it good luck ! And quite honestly, a sprint car in anything but ICR2 or GPL would really suck rocks. Why? Cuz they'd be too slow. And speaking of GPL, yes we are already working on one for Grand Prix Legends !

New sound, new music, new graphics and yes new everything. It's gonna be fun. And you'll have it well hopefully soon !!! Well back to work on sprint cars, site updates, GPL research, track editing, ummm programming, and a few other odds and ends. Until the next time ................

If you are simply looking for a release date or information please don't email as all announcements will be made on this page.

Don't mind some of the mess with these video clips, Dave Thayer apparently didn't have the latest car shapes and other patches done up, but that's my fault not his. Two clips both in mpg format. Be sure to have the newest version of Windows Media Player installed to fully enjoy them.

  • Eldora Video - A lap around the high banks of Eldora (Rossberg, OH). Note, this is an old version of the track. We are not showing the newest version to keep ya guessing.
  • Premier SpeedwayAn actual beta of an actual track in Warnabool, Australia. 1/4 mile of dirt fun. Indy Car 2 only ! Special Thanks to Daniel Beard of Sprint Car World for the photos of Premier I used in creating this track.