Superbike Bikes Provided in Game

This page shows the 5 Superbike brand names that are used within the game to race with. The bikes are very well detailed and also recommend a 3D card to bring out more of the detail. There are 4 different views that the game allows you to select to you race the bike.  Two of them are viewed from behind and just above the bike, and two are viewed as you would see from sitting on the bike itself. There is allot of information about the bikes in the game and the manual and also the real drivers that race them. Each bike has its unique sound and you can tell what bike is beside you while you race. Far as accuracy of the sounds, I will leave that up to the experts that race the bikes for a living.

Ducati 916

Honda 916

Kawasaki ZX7RR

Suzuki GSXR750

Yamaha YZF750