The Downloads

N2 or N50 It is imperative that you follow the directions for the install, as if you do not it will fail. Make sure you let the installer create an "n@50" directory in your directory that has nascar2.exe or nas50.exe. Both the main and track installers need to go there. Once you have ran those installs, you will need to CLICK ON THE START BAR, and go to "Programs" then "N@50" to click on each of the installs. THEN you will be fully operational.

N99 Follow the directions again, but let it create a "n50" directory under your NASCAR main install. The tracks will need to be pointed at the NASCAR main directory. You do not need to go to the start bar on this version, just let it work. It will inform you if you have made an error as to the placement of the files.

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