NASCAR 3 Fastlaps

Records are to be sent to Chris


You must save a replay of your lap and send it in. Cut it about a second before the start finish line to take the green and a second after the checkered. You MUST ZIP your replay files! Non-zipped replays WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

You may NOT brush the wall at any time during the lap. You may have 2 tires on the grass but must have 2 tires completely on the track. No shortcuts though the pits!

There is no doubt that cheating is possible in this competition. It does no one any good if you post an obsurdly impossible lap and it will just show that you're not up to snuff and you have to cheat in order to obtain those speeds. Any fast laps that are obviously too fast (i.e. 195 at Michigan, 190 at Charlotte) will be thrown out.

You may draft with a partner to obtain the speeds. Records will be accepted from Practice, Qualifying or Race conditions. It may be any weather condition and any fuel load.

If you send in a record make sure to specify if it is on a converted track if that is the case. If I get a replay for a world record from N2 Atlanta and it doesn't work in N3 I can't do anything with it.

Sometimes the replay speed will be off when recorded from a practice session. If you think the sim is off make sure to send me a standings.stn file with your speed. I will calculate the speed from the lap time using the time indicator on the replay screen. If it is approximate with the one in your standings (since I can only measure down to the tenth in the replay screen, if you submit a 29.546 time and I calculate a 29.54 lap) I will accept it.

Click on the Time/Speed to download the replay


Driver Track Lap Speed (Seconds/MPH) Setup
Matt Rivenbark Charlotte Motor Speedway(Night) 29.270sec/184.489mph Download Talladega Superspeedway 47.507sec/201.570 mph Download
Wes Hurd Talladega Superspeedway 47.873sec/200.029mph  
Jeffrey Hoster Rockingham 23.906sec/153.149mph Download
Andy Geldmacher Rockingham 23.810sec/153.767mph Download
Nicholas de Havilland Sears Point (N2 Convert) 97.753sec/92.805mph Download
Andy Geldmacher South Boston 15.570sec/92.485mph Download
Nicholas de Havilland Watkins Glen 69.988sec/126.021mph Download