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Latest News

Any information posted here is unconfirmed by any software producer unless otherwise mentioned. Alot of information posted is about things "in the works" so your results may vary.

Note, As things develop in the Nascar world I will continue to update this page daily. I will not be adding information to the main page. Just check back here daily for information.










3d Spotlight-Tweaking This page gives tweeking advice on many pieces of hardware

Optimizing Internet Connections A good page not only for gamers, but those just wishing to download faster.


Some encouraging news I recieved from tweetie bird-

A new beta patch has been released to a certain "controlled" group of the public. Information can be found on newsgroup. Papyrus has said that within a month a patch to Nascar Racing 3 will be released to the general public. Enhancements include updated spark/smoke/dirt graphics, ability to select cloudy or sunny skies during consistant weather, Multiplayer lobby chatting, ability to muzzle, create an invite list, and enhanced multiplayer data packet managment. Stay tuned to for details.

Simulator is starting up it's Winter Heats Series once again, but this year it's available ONLINE! Check out

Jacob Butner is holding a Multiplayer LAN Party, which includes NASCAR 3 racing. It might be alittle late but his site, has some information. It's being held in North Carolina. Dave McCall is also holding a LAN Party in Charlotte in March 2000. His site is He just held an excellent event in Georgia in October

Andy White closed down his 3wideserver due to lack of time.

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Well since Nascar 3 came out good multiplayer races have been few and far between. Some good hosts are out there though, here's a small list:

LikeReal Server-David McCall also has a good racing server up. Right now it's undergoing beta testing for leagues. Visit his website at

Mike Lentz has also said he may be putting up a server. David Boothe also has a program that he may be debuting in the coming months.

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Tips for Good Racing

It's a good idea NOT to join a race when your ping is above 200. Also your quality needs to be atleast 70 in order to be somewhat warp free. Anything less and your experience will be dissapointing and frustrating.

PASSWORD PROTECT YOUR RACES! Let only those you want in know the password. There are just too many folks that are just interested in seeing how many cars they can take out.

If you're on a modem, try to limit your connect speed to atleast 38000 KBPS. The higher the connection, the more unstable the connection is.