Thank you for contributing to Simulator Cyberworld. Before you send off your files to be posted, there's a few things we'd like to ask of you to make sure they are posting quickly and without error.

Car Files

All car files must be original and the author must submit them. All cars are to be compressed using winzip or some other zipping utility. They must be sent by email to Chris Arndt

All car files must contain the following information in the email:

Authors name
Car or list of cars in the format like this:
#32 AC DELCO Chevrolet Monte Carlo (acdelco.pcx)
(Number)(Sponsor)(Car make and model) (PCX file name)

I'm contributing the #1 Bellsouth Car by myself (Chris Arndt) I would rename the pcx I was sending to bellsouth.pcx and send an email to SC with the following information

Car Contributed by Chris Arndt
#1 Bellsouth Chevrolet Monte Carlo (bellsouth.pcx)

Do not worry about the 8 character limit on filenames for N3 since the end user will have to rename the pcx anyways to import it.

Your PCX file name must be the name of the primary sponsor, unless you submit a template. (Example- Gatorate car must be gatorade.pcx, not xj_smith.pcx)

Fast Laps

Please just add your full name, the track the lap is from, the time in seconds, and the speed in MPH. If you are unsure how to calculate this, it is:

SPEED = ((Race_Distance * 3600) /TIME)
TIME = ((Race_Distance * 3600) /SPEED)

So If I ran a 28 second lap at Charlotte, I would take the race distance, (1 lap x 1.5 miles =1.5) times by 3600, and divide that by 28. So (1.5*3600)/28=192.8571429, or 192.85 MPH

If I wanted to find the time of a 185.000 MPH lap at Charlotte, I would take the distance of the race, (1 lap x 1.5=1.5) multiplied by 3600, and divide that by 185.000. So (1.5*3600)/185.000=29.18918919, or a 29.18 second lap.