Kelly's Korner:

 Kelly Hi!

The other day someone asked me how to install TPTCC99 on a low-end computer. His system was a P120, 1 MB videocard, 600 MB harddisk, 16-bit Soundblaster compatible soundcard, and 32 MB internal memory. Hey, not everyone can afford a new computer every six months!

According to the box, NR1999 works on a P60, and a P100 is preferred. Undepedant of what you keep, you'll need some 200 MB diskspace during installation, maybe more for temporary files. This is what I suggested and, believe it or not, he got it working <grin>

  1. TPTCC99 creates a totally new sim, therefore, you can best install TPTCC99 on a copy of NR1999, not on the original NR1999 installation itself. If diskspace is a problem, you may have to choose between either stockcars or touringcars...
  2. Before doing anything else, run a disk check on your harddisk, and the disk defragmentation program - both came with Windows 95. You may be surprised to find how much diskspace is recovered! Before doing so, check if there are any large programs or data files that you no longer need and delete them.
  3. First you make a full, complete installation of NR1999. Select the plain DOS installation, regular executable (no 3d, no rendition). Set up sound card, game options, etc. according to documentation. Do not proceed until you have everything working!
  4. If you want to run both NR1999 stockcars/trucks and TPTCC99 touringcars, copy the all files to a new directory. Assuming you have installed NR1999 in C:\SIERRA\NR1999, the copy command looks something like this:
        XCOPY  C:\SIERRA\NR1999\*.*  C:\SIERRA\NR1999TC  /S/E/V
    As the names indicate, '\NR1999' is for stockcar/trucks racing, and '\NR1999TC' for touringcar racing. Proceed with installation of TPTCC99 in C:\SIERRA\NR1999TC.
  5. Check the TPTCC99 documentation about the tracks. You can delete most of the NR1999 tracks, and add all the N2/TPTCC tracks you have/need (PRIOR to installation of TPTCC99). If you have ICR2 tracks you want to use, convert them to N2 now.
  6. To save some diskspace, you can delete all the cars in the \CARS and \TRUCKS directories, but keep the players cars and the drivers lists for now.
  7. With the above listed configuration, we can only run the regular executable. So delete NR19993D.* and NR1999R.* (3d and rendition versions). Most likely, you only use one of these 3 flavours anyway.
  8. Also delete SMACKPLY.EXE and NR1999.SMK. This is the introduction movie and its player, quite nice, but it takes some 60 MB of harddisk space. You are no longer able to run the NR1999.BAT batchfile, instead, run the NR1999.EXE executable.
  9. Ready to install TPTCC99. Check out the documentation that came with the package.
  10. Once the TPTCC99 install is done, you can zip tracks you don't need and/or move them to a backup device to further save diskspace.
  11. Pick up the TPTCC carset(s) if you plan to join the TPTCC offline racing league. If so, you can now delete the \TRUCKS\*.TRK cars that came with the TPTCC99 installation, as you won't need them anymore. Or better yet, move them to a backup medium.
My installation takes only some 100 MB of diskspace, with all the tracks installed. Still quite a lot if you only have 600 MB, but it's ready to run from the harddisk (does not need CD). A little more experimenting and moving unneeded tracks to a backup medium may take disk usage down to 75 Mb or less.

Start NR1999/TPTCC from DOS only! (not from a DOS-box in Windows). To do this, restart Windows to boot in DOS-mode. This will give you the best results. Once in the game, turn off as many graphics details as needed, preferable those graphics that don't influence driving (like trees, infield object and such). Experiment with this to get the best performance (read: the best laptimes!)

I hope this gets you going...

(Sim Cyberworld Motorsports mechanic)