Tracks for Touringcar/GT Racing


The patches listed below are updates to existing tracks. Some improve performance, others improve the looks (graphical updates only). Make a backup of the original track before applying the patch, so you can go back if you don't like the changes.

 Mid-Ohio update Mid-Ohio update
Graphical update for Mid-Ohio (N2)
(UPDATE, E. Widdup, 1998, 194 kB)
 Download N2 version
 Motopark update Motopark trkshot.pcx
This is a replacement for the trkshot.pcx file for NR1999/TPTCC99 Motopark Oscherleben, Germany. The image is an actual airphoto of the track (NR1999)
(UPDATE, RaceNet, 23mar99, 16 kB)
 Download N99 version
 Sears Point BOC update Sears Point BOC update
BOC Gases logos for Sears Point (N2; 'Sears Old' in TPTCC99)
(UPDATE, E. Widdup, 1998, 200 kB)
 Download N2 version