Great game, if you ask me. Any Sportscar fan who goes to Sebring every year, or has seen the Porsche GT1, or heard the thunder of the Panoz will tell you that we've been waiting for this for a long time. At first I was saying to myself, okay, theres no real 'in-car' view, you are forced with autopit and the gravel traps are a little unrealistic. Now, I'm saying to myself, wow, the Porsche 911 is really that manueverable? Theres AI out on the sim-racing market that is THIS good? There are graphics like these that can actually be handled on a normal 3d video card?

This game has been a long time coming. I'm glad to see someone stepped up and tried something with Sportscars! I think that most people used to the Nascar 1, 2, 3, GPL, Indycar games will have as much fun with this as they did with the others, despite the games downfalls. I think the physics are pretty close to real life, not TOO hard for a beginner, not so easy for an expert to give up playing after a week.

There are still things that I'm experimenting with in the demo!

Downfalls of the game...

1. Lacks a real incar view, with dashboard and surroundings, due to the many different types of cars in the game.
2. No damage model... YET (its just the demo)
3. Gravel traps and grass slow you down a bit too much to be realistic.
4. Autopit is controlled by computer, but I found that it really isn't that much of a downfall. You're not in the pits as much as a Winston Cup car, or in other forms of racing.
5. No way to paint cars within the game, but I'm sure one of you great guys at Sim Cyberworld will come up with a way, or someone will :)

Good parts...

1. Great graphics, and incredible framerate if you have a 3d card that supports 3dfx, or Direct3d.
2. Realistic wheelspin, garage settings, and chassis movements.
3. Great selection of cars, even in the demo!
4. Cars look great at night, theres headlights, wet track settings, and daytime settings.
5. I *heard* that EA will also realease new cars and tracks for download when they get the licenses for them.
6. The AI is better, simply the best that I've seen in a sim to date. Astonishing the moves they make, they look a lot like the real guys do. They won't 'move over for you' but they don't block you either.
7. Replay system is nice too.

Thanks for letting me share my opinion!

"The kid in the car"
George Neill (GoBill on TEN)