In my humble opinion EA is knocking on the door to producing the best sim racing game yet to date. The graphics are great without being too much for lower end systems. The AI drivers are the best I have seen to date,(in fact I am still trying to figure out how they shrunk real drivers down and added them in to the game! :-) )

My only real complaint (and its a small one) is the "in car" view. The dash is ok, but would be better if it was model specific instead of the generic one we have now. That and please let us make our own pitstops, we can all handle it!

Oh, and if anyone at EA is reading this, ADD A PAINTSHOP!

Beyond that, it is great. The track detail is awesome, the cars are great, the sounds are wonderful, and the scenery around the track is INCREDIBLE. Hats off to EA, they have finally come into thier own in the sim racing scene. Now lets just wait for the final version and see how much better it gets!

ps. I have driven these types of cars, so I know of what I speak.

John Knapp
Owner, Northeast Motorsports