I felt so strongly that this was a decent game that I even deviated from the normal color scheme of blue/white here at Sim Cyberworld to bring you the Need For Speed 3 pages. Why? Because I absolutely love Need For Speed 3 !!!

In what other racing game can you play both sides of the law? In hot pursuit mode you can listen to police radio chatter while staying one step ahead of Johnny Law or as the law use radar, dispatchers and roadblocks to track down speeders.

Graphically Need For Speed 3 is very good as well with Glide and D3D support as well as a software rendered mode. And who can complain about the special effects EA has given us such as rain, lightening, mud, snow, smoke, leaves, headlights, ice and more.

The thing though that makes Need For Speed 3 a game and not a true simulation is the inability to setup the car. You basically have the choice between a stock and a non-stock setup. Not much you can actually do to the car to tweak it's performance. Actually very little you can do to tweak it's performance. Need For Speed 3, like it's predecessor NFS 2 seems to have it's setups geared towards a few pre-canned setup types. Which really lends to the simplicity of the game.

But despite the lack of setup in NFS3, driving the courses are still where the fun comes in. And with the 8 different tracks and the great special effects along with the half million dollar toys you are abusing the fun factor is definately there as is the challenge.

Overall, it's a great change of pace from the traditional simulations such as Nascar 2 and Indy Car Racing. Highly recommended if you want to try something a bit different for awhile.

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One of the best things about Need For Speed 3 are the cars !!! Where else can you abuse a $130,000 Astin Martin capable of reaching speeds of 165mph? And all in the name of winning a race. The collection of exotic sports cars in Need For Speed 3 is unlike any other in the gaming world. Here you will find cars such as:


Need for Speed offers 8 different tracks each in a unique setting. Although it is possible to learn what to expect, the collection of icy roads, dust, obstacles and other stuff thrown at you make Need For Speed 3 a good challenge. Here are the 8 tracks that come with Need for Speed 3:

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