Revolt R/C Tracks

The tracks in Revolt are a blast to race on. The tracks range from racing in the back yard to racing around a large Ocean Liner.  The scenery is outstanding in all the tracks with large human obstacles that get in the way of the R/C car while racing on the tracks.  The sounds are also outstanding while racing the tracks with lawnmowers, basketballs bouncing, birds chirping, etc. The cars will leave skid marks on the tracks if they spin out.  The player is allowed to race on 4 of the 12 tracks at the start of the game until races or series are won. The rest of the tracks will indicate locked until races are won. The tracks are listed below.

Toys in the Hood #1 - difficulty easy
Supermarket #2 - difficulty easy
Museum #2 - difficulty easy
Botanical Garden - difficulty easy
Toy World #1 - difficulty medium - locked
Ghost Town #1 - difficulty medium - locked
Toy World #2 - difficulty medium - locked
Toys in the Hood #2 - difficulty hard - locked
Toytanic #1 - difficulty hard - locked
Museum #1 - difficulty hard - locked
Supermarket - difficulty extreme - locked
Ghost Town #2 - difficulty extreme - locked