SCGT Track Information

This page shows all the track diagrams and brief information about the tracks that are run in the SCGT game. These have been taken from the track selection menu. For those that don't have the game will give you a feel of what the tracks look like before you buy the game.

Note: All tracks below have Daytime, Sunny Racing. I have indicated to the right side of each track what other track conditions the player. All Reverse tracks are also only Daytime, sunny conditions. Reverse tracks are Atlanta, Sardian Park, and Mosport Park.

Chatham Track  (Wet, Night racing)

Desert Speedway  (Night racing)

Donington Long  (Wet Racing)

Donington Short  (Wet Racing)

Hockenheim   (Wet Racing)

Leguna Seca   ( Dry,  Daytime racing only)

Lime Rock    (Wet, Night Racing)

Mosport Park  (Wet Racing)

North Point   (Wet, Night Racing)

Road Atlanta  (Wet Racing)

Sardian Park  (Wet, Night Racing)

Sebring    (Wet, Night Racing)