Please send your tracks to Chas Bornemann

ALL tracks must be in TPK (TRACK PACK) form and the AI MUST be 100% learned. Please spend the time that it takes to teach the ai the track so that everyone can enjoy the tracks right away and so they don't have to go through unneeded steps to make them work.

All tracks received will be posted on this page as long as they are received in the proper format. And please ZIP your tracks prior to sending them. Zip/Unzip utilities are available from WinZip

We receive a large number of emails on how to import tpk files into the game. If you do not know how to IMPORT/EXCHANGE Tracks in TPK format please consult the manual (pages 95, 96 and 97) for simple directions on how to do this before sending an email. All you need is the Soda Track Editor (REMOVE/EXCHANGE option) to add the tracks below to the game.

The MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TRACKS allowed by Soda racing I believe is 30.

West PointRon Lajuenesse 0.9 mile desert track with some nice hair-pin turns and the best banked turn I have ever done. 05/31/2000
Dairy AirRon Lajuenesse 08/27/99
PinatuboRon Lajuenesse 08/27/99
WandererGreg Burr 2.5 mile country 08/27/99
Full ThrottleStage 1 2.4 mile tropical course. This is a long and I mean long Tropical track with a wicked tabletop jump. It is very wild. 06/15/99
Scorpion StngrStage 1 2.0 mile desert course with a lot of fast straights, jumps, sweeping and sharp corners. This track is a lot of fun. 05/08/99
The Mud Pit Justin 0.9 mile country. Lottsa mud ! 05/08/99
Ozark MountainsGregory Russom 2.0 mi country. Mountain climb in the Ozarks with a ton of creeks and mud to dirt transitions in the middle of the corners. Smooth track (for a mountain) 6.25 levels high. 05/08/99
Ziggybumwa Stage 1 1.4 mile tropical. Hmmm, Just gotta make you download this one. That name sure grabs the ole attention though eh? 05/08/99
Justin 1.3 mile tropical. 05/08/99
Wisconsin Dirt Kevin Makinen 1.4 mile country. This track has a few intersections, and collisions with lapped traffic are common. 03/07/99
Oklahoma Motocross Bamamba 2.0 miles Multi-leveled, mixed difficulties. Fast motocross action. Watch that jump after checkpoint #7. 03/07/99
4 Way Spilley 1.8 mile country. Great course shaped like a clover leaf. 4 intersections to really make you cringe ! 01/12/99
Hazzard Scratchie 1.6 mile country course. Another great track with some excellent jumps built in. 01/12/99
Desert Sands Stage 1 1.3 mile Desert. This is a great track. This is a reworked version of Desert Mountain. The Canyon jump has been removed, the track is a bit rougher and overall an excellent track to race on. 01/12/99
Wicked Spilley 2.2 mile country. Somehow, I think the name says it all. A wild ride ! Always race this one in 4x4. 01/12/99
Stand on It Stage 1 2.3 mile country. A little extreme and a 4X4 track only. Those are the authors words. The main jump is this track is a serious killer.01/12/99
Shoot the Gap Stage 1 1.8 mile country. WOW !!! Another incredible track from Stage 1. An A+ track. 01/12/99
High Life Ryan Knutson 1.8 mile country. Ryan has done another fantastic job. An overall A+. 01/12/99
Ride Or Die Ryan Knutson 1.8 mile Desert. Great jumps (but the last one is a killer). Also excellent elevation changes and turns. Another great job !!! 01/12/99
Tropic CrossRyan Knutson 2.1 mile tropical course. This course has great elevation changes, some nice jumps and a some tricky turns. An excellent course. 01/12/99
Yehaw Ted Pauling 1.3 mile Country course. 12/15/98
Around The Horn Stage 1 1.9 mile Desert. Another great track from this excellent designer 12/15/98
Hard Rain Stage 1 1.8 mile Tropical. Very nicely done. 12/15/98
maxwell Maxwell 1.4 mile country course 12/15/98
Macon Travis Baker 1/3 mile banked oval located in central Illinois.10/08/98
SW Peak Climb 2 Larry Currie 2.1 mile desert. A populated version of a Pikes Peak style hill climb. Very nice track. 10/08/98
Dyers Even Ryan Knutson 2.3 mile Desert Course. Tough course but nicely laid out and alot of fun 08/27/98
Figure SevenRyan Knutson 1.7 mile Country Course. Great turns, great jumps and nice elevation changes. A superb course. 08/27/98
Fly Away Ryan Knutson 2.1 mile Country Course. Tight course with a great uphill and incredible downhill section. Oh, and watch that final jump. 08/27/98
Tropical Punch Ryan Knutson 2.3 mile Tropical Course. Great course ! 08/27/98
Twister Ryan Knutson 2.6 mile Country Course. This one is demanding on your attention. 08/27/98
Super Cross Macoubrie 1.8 mile Country Course with great jumps and some fast corners. Very nicely done. 07/28/98
Buffalo Run Macoubrie 1.5 mile country course. Some great elevation changes. The highlights of this course are two tricky jumps over a canyon !!! 07/28/98
Hellraiser Ryan Knutson 1.9 mile desert course. Fast course with some nice jumps. Another nicely done track !!! 07/28/98
Hurricane Ryan Knutson 2.0 mile tropical course. YIKES, this is a tough course. But if you are up to the challenge it's alot of fun !!! 07/28/98
Misty Mountain Ryan Knutson 1.8 mile tropical course. WOW !!! This has got to be the most fun I've had yet with the 4x4's. Curves, hills, curves, hills and a few more curves and hills. Even the AI have a little trouble at times, but if you're not going sideways what fun is it? I give this course layout an A+ ! 07/28/98
Race 2 Macoubrie 1.7 mile country. Another nice course from Macoubrie with some great jumps and nice speeds. 07/28/98
The Zoo Ryan Knutson 2.0 mile tropical course. This is a tough course with some great elevation changes, fast straights and tight corners. Another well thought out course from Ryan !!! 07/28/98
Wave Runner Macoubrie 1.8 mile tropical course. This one wins the funky award !!! So which road do we use? The high road or the low road? I guess either one. :) 07/28/98
Deep Canyon Adrian D R 1.3 mile Desert with some great scenery and a great canyon. Very professionally done track !!! 07/14/98
Drama Dome Adrian D R 2.0 mile Country track. Somewhat flat with nice grades and very fast. Another very well done track !!! 07/14/98
Edge Runner Claudio S 0.8 mile tropic track with a great jump that catches you by surprise the first time (but not again). You won't want to get off the road on this one though. Another very well done track. 07/14/98
Meso Trail Adrian D R 1.0 mile Tropic track. Some very long fast straights and nice sweeping turns to keep the speed. 07/14/98
Wet Pampa Adrian D R 1.5 mile Country. If you like water you'll like this one. Some good mixes of dirt and mud with water crosses. Again, Adrian has done an outstanding job !!! 07/14/98
Dez Backprblms 1.4 mile Desert track with 4 outstanding jumps and some great banking. Defineately one wicked ride !!! 07/14/98
Pineglen Backprblms 1.0 mile Country. This course isn't for the faint of heart !!! Some really wicked jumps highlight this rough and tumble place. Alot of fun, once you figure out how to run it !!! 07/14/98
Twistin and Turnin Shon Collins 1.5 mile country course with lots of hills and nice turns. Great action track. 06/30/98
Appalachicola George Neil 1.2 mile country course with one of the biggest hills I've seen. Very well done track. 06/18/98
Desert Mountain Run Macoubrie 1.4 mile desert course. Fast and challenging. 06/18/98
Dusty Trail George Neil 1.2 mile desert course. Another well done track with decent elevation changes. 06/18/98
The Ditch Ben Williams 1.3 mile country figure 8 style course. This course has a very wide ditch and several big jumps that make the course a unique and fun challenge. 06/02/98
Gutter 2 Silver2 1.8 mile desert course. Very fast and well done.06/02/98
Jump Lake Roope Paakkonen Challenging 1.3 mile country course with loop 05/20/98
McAfee Raceway Tommy Brolsma Challenging and tough tropical course. 2.1 miles long 05/02/98
Down and Out Mike Starke Challenging Desert Course. Use with damage on and drive careful you will almost always win. The ai almost always seem to get themselves into a mess. 04/16/98
Dunes of HazardRyan Knutson Desert course worth the download ! Also very challenging. 04/16/98
Rockin Mountain Ryan Knutson 1.3 mile Country. A great track !!! 04/16/98
Sky Road Joe Elvers 2.0 mile country. Nice course with several very big and very tough jumps. 03/11/98
Twin Spires Rick Webster 1.0 mile country. Difficult course with difficult jumps. According to the author of the track it is best to keep damage off. 03/11/98
Soda Cross Tommy Brolsma 1.8 mile Tropical track. Tough course but very well thought out. 02/23/98
Long Haul Ryan Knutson 2.0 mile Desert Course. Another very tough course but alot of fun once you get the hang of it. 02/23/98
Tropical Air Ryan Knutson 1.9 mile Tropical. This one is so well done you can see the natives dancing. Just don't venture to far from the course though. 02/23/98
Whoop AssRyan Knutson 1.5 mile Country. Another nice track with a good uphill and nice downhill section. 02/23/98
Chasm Justin Stoermer 1.1 mile desert. Impossible jump at the start finish line. Best to try it with damage set to off. 02/02/98
Amityville Nate Schmitt 1.2 mile country. Rough course with huge jumps. Hard on equipment 01/29/98
Dangerous Drive Bryan Heitkotter 1.8 mile Country. Nice course with hills, jumps and good scenery. 01/29/98
Hazard Tom Thorsen 1.2 Mile Country. But not as much a hazard as the name says. 01/29/98
Groves Raceway Tom Fraley 1.5 Mile Country. Nice track with jumps and nice elevation changes. 01/29/98
Lakeside Mike T 1.5 Mile Country. Flat mud track. 01/29/98
Magick !! Mike T 1.4 mile Desert. Flat and fast !! 01/29/98
Plymouth Rock Lousebsch 1.2 Mile Country. Best to try this one with damage settings OFF. This course is rough and huge jumps are nearly impossible to make. 01/29/98
Valley Mike T 1.2 Mile Tropical. Nice scenery and one heck of a mountain to race around. Just don't try to climb it :) 01/29/98
The Snake Chas Bornemann 1.9 Mile Country with many 180 degree corners, fast straights and decent elevation changes 12/26/97
Fun One Mike T 0.8 Mile Country 12/26/97
Fun One 2 Mike T 0.8 mile Desert 12/26/97
Fun One 3 Mike T 0.8 mile Tropic 12/26/97
The Boot Tom Thorsen 1.1 mile Country with Mountain Climb 12/26/97
The Go RoundMike T 0.8 mile flat Country 12/26/97
Too High Mike T 1.3 mile Country (Big Hill) 12/26/97
Red Rock Tom Thorsen 1.5 mile Desert Mountain Climb w/ replay 12/26/97
Dirt Oval Steven McKamey 1.0 mile country dirt oval 12/26/97
High 2 Steven McKamey 2.1 mile desert 12/26/97