Fall Nationals Rules

Software needed

You'll need NASCAR 3 from Papyrus. To run all the races you will need the CTS Expansion Pack. You also need the latest patch from Papyrus. If you have the CTS Pack, use If you do have the CTS Pack, use You can use a different body if you like.

You will also need the client software from Raceserver.net and the latest patch from there.

Entering a race

You must be signed up on the USA Mail List to be eligible.

We use automated scoring, so you must use the same car number and screen name for every race or your points will be split up.

Your car needs to be on my hard drive before the race for you to use your number. If you send me your car before race night and I have a chance to install it, you can use any number you want. To use your car online, simply take the bottom car out of the Multi set and put your car in at the bottom. When racing in the series, use the Multi set. The N3 carset does not have to be in the multi list, just your car.

If I don't have your car, whether you haven't painted it yet or it wasn't sent in time, choose a car from the Multi set that came with N3. Use the same car every week, and if you paint a car for the set, use the number of that Multi car (100-199) that you ran previously in order to have your points totalled up correctly.

"Tough competition helped me. Nobody ever gets better if he isn't challenged."
Richard Petty

Race Settings

The laps are listed in the schedule. The damage is arcade, depending on the size and type of track. The races will be short enough there won't be pit stops for fuel.

Yellow flags and pace laps are on, and double file restarts and random breakdowns off. Weather conditions will not be announced until practice time but will remain the same throughout the event.

Before the race there will be a 30 minute practice session, and before the race there will be a 5 minute warm-up.

Special events may have longer races, with pit stops.

 "Why did I take up racing? I was too lazy to work and too chicken to steal."
Tim Richmond

Race Procedures

YOU MUST CLOSE YOUR BROWSER, ICQ, AND ANY OTHER CHAT SOFTWARE AND PROGRAMS BEFORE RACING.You should also run a program such as EndItAll so your system is just running your sim. We can run ICQ and the client server at the same time, but you must close ICQ before joining a race.

All drivers will meet in Raceserver. Just look for the race that was created by the race director (usually Spin17 unless otherwise noted on the mail list) and the track we are running at. Keep in mind the practice time will include the time it takes you to log in and go through that process, so you won't actually have 30 minutes of practice time. You should have your setups selected and dialed in before race night, and use the practice session for last minute tweaks for the weather conmditions. The race will be gridded with the fastest drivers in front.

Once logged on, the server automatically runs through the racing program. When you are booted from practice, you need to click in to qualify right away, the qualifying session only lasts a couple minutes and you could miss it and have to start tail end.

Race Restarts If a driver experiences severe warp or has connection problems before the green flag, he should immediately exit before taking the green flag, every driver will check to see if all of the cars are still there by using the F2 pit screen. If a driver does not back out, the server will have to be taken down resulting in a long day and the driver(s) not exiting will not be able to qualify for the restart (and will start tail). What will happen is the server will no longer be usable, and another will need to be started up. Just disconnect from the server and look for the new one (with the race director and track) to start up.

Once the green flag flies, there are NO RESTARTS.

If for some reason there are delays and the event is running unusually late, the race director reserves the right to shorten the length of the race if qualifying has not started, or if the qualifying has to be re-run because of a restart.

"When you hear the gravel hit the fenders and the wall is coming, you know you went in too hard"
Darrell Waltrip

Rough Driving

If you make someone mad, they're gonna be sending me replays and nasty letters and stuff. Play nice.

Isolated events will not be punished. We all push the envelope a little too far now and then.

Outright dirty driving will not be tolerated. If you can't pass somebody without knocking them into a higher line or into the fence, then don't pass them. It'll cost you a lot more than five points.

"Rivalries" between two drivers will also not be punished unless one driver decides to start racing clean. Don't retaliate and then expect me to toss the other guy.

If I receive more than one complaint about a driver, they will be warned. Any further complains within a reasonable time will result in that driver missing races and losing points. Replays will be used to verify complaints.

If you are being lapped, pull to the outside in the corner and let them by. These aren't 500 mile races and we don't race to make up lost laps. If you're being lapped and block for a teammate, you'll both be looking for another place to race.

Keep in mind that you are not racing AI drivers anymore. When racing for position, online drivers will not fold up and give you the fast line when you pull up on them, and they'll probably use up a large part of the track to stay ahead of you. This is real racing folks.

"Avoid accidents. You can't win many races in the hospital."
Fred Lorenzen

Caution Flags

If you are side-by-side you can race for the caution. Otherwise do not race for position.

Yellow flag laps count as race laps. We'dd be there all night at some of these tracks...

Any driver causing excessive cautions will not be permitted to run until they have some more practice.

When the race restarts from a caution, you cannot pass the car in front of you to the left until you cross the start/finish line.

"Never let a crash dampen your enthusiasm. Heck we all have days like that."
Richard Petty

The race director reserves the right to change any rule or procedure at any time.