This section is intended to provide a variety of cars to fans of the CART sims ICR2 (a.k.a. CART Racing) and Cart Precision Racing. All of the cars found on this site are zipped with a text file identifying the artist, a .PCX file for DOS ICR2 users, and sometimes a .CAR file for Windows ICR2 users (you will only need one of the latter two, of course).


November 20, 1998: The Championship Sim Cars site completed it's move to the new Sim Cyberworld server at Sim Thanks to everyone for their patience as we made this move. It has been greatly appreciated.

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We have tons of cars and carsets here for your pleasure. If you need to learn how to paint cars in ICR2/Cart Racing there is help for that as well. Finally be sure to check out some of the links to the best ICR2/Cart sites on the net.

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