Flavor 2 - Textured Polygons


Tracks - Objects - Cars

Defines a n-sides textured polygon. The SIM allows the definition of non-plane polygons but it will make them look strange.

  LONG    PURPOSE                        N = 5 + (LONG 3)
   1      Flavor Flag  (02 00 00 80)
   2      Texture Flag
   3      Color
   4      Number of Vertices
   5-N    Flavor Offsets

        Specifies the color used to fill this polygon.

Number of Vertices
        Is a value that contains the number of vertices used to construct this polygon minus one.

Flavor Offsets
        List of Flavor #0 (with additional X,Y MIP values) offsets.

Texture Flag
        If this flag is non-zero, the texture will be used when the polygon is drawn. If this flag is zero, the texture will
        not be used when the polygon is drawn, and the value specified in Color will be used to fill the polygon instead.
        The Sim uses this flag to recognize the texture in order to set it on/off depending on the user's preferences.

         1 = Asphalt/Concrete
         2 = Grass/Dirt
         4 = Wall
         8 = Trackside Object
        16 = Car Decals
        32 = Horizont
        64 = Grandstand

The sim uses Flavor 2 to create textured polygons, however,  a call FROM Flavor 4 to Flavor 2 must be made to specify the proper mip image to be displayed. The sim also uses a Flavor4/Flavor2 combination to call the most immediate field when driving, see - REFERENCE -.