Root 11 Details/Paramaters

   The root 11 is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle, with incorrect values this flavor will prevent a track from drawing in properly, sections of track can disappear erratically with no warning. Root 11 works in conjunction with Flavor 11/17, they kind of check and balance each other, and make sure they are at the same point.

     Root 11 calls offsets from FL17 value 0 through FL17 value <total track length>, in other words, it describes a complete lap around the circuit. It calls flavor 11 /17 combination in this way:

        1st. mile: There are 122 calls in the root 11 for the 1st mile of a circuit. Breaking it down one step further, when
        making a track you will have to make one call in the root 11 for every 259672.1311 Papy Units (PU) travelled

        2nd + mile: The sim makes 121 calls per mile for the 2nd mile on. It ammounts to 261818.1818 PU per call in
        the root 11.

The 1st section, so far as I know, is always rounded up.

Seemingly if you do the math and your sum ammounts to 4.3  calls or greater, you round the # of calls up to 5 unless there are multiple sections with that value. If you have 3 consecutive sections with the same length, the first 2 are rounded down and the 3rd is rounded up.

If sections are less than 261818.1818 OR 259672.1311 PU(dependant upon whether you are in the 1st mile or past it) the sim will SKIP over them, so if you come upon it do not worry, it is normal. Sometimes 2 sections are skipped. For example, a track I was messing with looked like this.       .05868814 (calls), that section length was repeated over the next 2 sections, the root 11 skipped the first 2 sections, but called the 3rd one a single time.

            (<sectionlength>/261818.1818 OR 259672.1311) = number of calls made to section in root 11
            To figure out how many calls to make in an alterd track, take the track distance in miles, subtract 1 from
            it, lets say our track is 2.3 miles. so now we seperate it to (1 + 1.3 = trackdistance).
            now : (1 * 261818.1818) + (1.3 * 259672.1311)/6000 = number of calls made in root 11.

The root 11's calls begin at 0 trackdistance, and end at total track distance.