This page contains three main sections. Sim Cyberworld utilities are on top, followed by the ICR2/CART utilities and some miscellaneous goodies at the bottom.



If you would like to submit utilities, please submit them to Chas Bornemann.

  • 2K Cars and Templates by Mark Gill. [220k]. Mark has definately outdone himself with these great cars and templates. Includes 25 great looking cars for use with Marc J. Nelson and Junae Ludvig's CART2K carshape available at The Sim Project. Also includes templates for the Lola, Reynard and Swift chassis, a color strip for recoloring the templates and a car pallatte.
    February 10, 2000

  • IRL Calendars from 1996 to the 2000 Season. by Ron DiStarr [2k]
    December 3, 1999
  • 1999 IRL Entry Lists. Nice set of text files that give you the qualifing as it really was and updated thru 2nd Pikes Peak Race. by Ron DiStarr [42k]
    December 3, 1999
  • Win DAT by Mike Frazier. An incredibly fast pack/unpack program for Windows. Works with all Papy sims. Even uses the old pck files from Corey's pack/unpack routine. [2.3mb]
    September 21, 1999
  • Banking Editor v1.0 by Chas Bornemann. Allows you to change banking around the track (all necessary files done automatically) and also allows you to edit camera positions. Enter the old banking of the track, the desired new banking and presto, it's done that fast. For ICR2/N2/N99.
    August 17, 1999
  • Windows Pack/Unpack program designed with the track editor in mind. Allows for simple text editing of the entire filelist from the dat file. Add, remove or just plain change the names, and all very easily. By Chas Bornemann
    August 17, 1999
  • Realistic Dust by Dan Belcher. Makes the dust you kick up when you go off-road more translucent and realistic. [48k]
    August 22, 1999
  • Realistic Smoke by Dan Belcher. New thicker more realistic smoke ! Great patch. [47k]
    August 22, 1999
  • Long Beach AI Files by John Perkins. Nicely done AI for that added touch of realism. [18k]
    August 22, 1999
  • F1 Engine Sounds by Luis Beltran. Includes new intro and pit sounds. [688k]
    August 22, 1999
  • IRL Engine/Chassis Patch by Jaroslaw Polewka. This patch will create new files for Indycar Racing II with 1999 IRL engines and chassis names. The carsets will now be known with Dallara/G-Force/R&S, Old/Nissan chassis and engines instead of the Lola...Honda from the origional game. [13k]
    June 15, 1999
  • Firestone wheel change utility by Tom Smith. This utility will change the standard black wheels (used with the Firstone tires) to a new wheel [68k]
    May 8, 1999
  • LP File Document Started by Corey Rueckheim and Chas Bornemann. Updated By Robert Szikszo.
    May 8, 1999
  • LP Edit version 4.5 by Robert Szikszo. [78k]
    May 8, 1999
  • Dover Downs Concrete Patch by Brian Fox and Chas Bornemann.  The patch changes the asphalt surface on the Dover Downs N1>ICR2 Converted Track to the new concrete surface. Also, the grip is modified to represent the new surface. There are also new game screens in the patch as well (track shot and track logo).There are two versions of the patch: Rendition [482k] and Non-Rendition [479k].
    July 28, 1998
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway Track Update by John Bodin [95k]. Updates the Indy track with Joachim Boddeker's Indy AI Pit Fix (available separately below), along with a new and accurate horizon.
    June 30, 1998
  • LP Edit v4.3 by Robert Szikszo [81k]. The latest version of the best lp editor available.
    March 11, 1998
  • Replay to Lp Utilty by Robert Szikszo. [38k] Allows you to drive a lap, save the replay and then create a lp file of it. Requires lpedit v4.3.
    March 11, 1998
  • Speed Modifier by Jaroslaw Polewka (Sim Cyberworld). For use with LP Edit 4.1. This nifty little program allows you to modify the txt files created by lpedit by adjusting them by a factor. Increase the speed or decrease the speed in them and then import the text files back into lpedit for additional editing. [15k]
    March 11, 1998
  • Nascar 2 Horizons by Dave Noonan (of The Pits). This program allows you to add Nascar 2 style horizons and skies to your Indy Car 2 tracks. [157k]
    March 11, 1998
  • POINTS CALCULATOR BETA VERSION 2 By Jaroslaw Polewka. This program allows you to devise your own points system for use with the sims. Please see the txt file to know if it will work with your version number. [17k]
    February 2, 1998
  • CART/IRL PACE CARS By Joachim Boddeker. 7 Different Cart and IRL 3do pacecars in different colors. First Version. [94k]
    February 2, 1998
  • PAINTKIT LOGOS By Ben Keough. New logos for use with ICR2 Paintkit. [43k]
    February 2, 1998
  • GARAGE 10 By Ian Withycomb. A nice program for creating and managing setups. [131k]
    February 2, 1998
  • GARAGE 20 By Ian Withycomb. A nice program for creating and managing setups. [171k]
    February 2, 1998
  • Crew Chief V2.0 by Doug Reichley. An All in one Editor. Allows the scheduling of 41 races, replay editing and much more. And now better than ever as it now reads ALL the tracks in your track directory !!! [458k]
  • LPMan by Juergen Hiller. Allows editing of computer ai files. [160k]
  • Edit Stg v1.0 by Robert Caramica. Allows editing and viewing of up to 17 setups at one time. [29k]
  • ICR2 PACECARS by Joachim Boddeker. These are 2 new pace cars that display either the IRL or CART logo's (your choice) instead of the Indy Car 2 logo.
  • INDY AI FIX by Joachim Boddeker. This patch allows the computer cars to use the pit exit lanes instead of exiting the pits right into the track. [10k]
  • ICR2 HQ by Dane Johnson. Allows you to change most of the games options from within Windows. Win 95 version. [2.3mb]
  • ICR2 HQ by Dane Johnson. Allows you to change most of the games options from within Windows. Win 3.1 version. [1.8mb]
  • 1997 ICR2 Calendar - Based on the 1997 CART Season. Some races such as Homestead and Gateway were replaced with other tracks. See readme.txt file.
  • Indy Car Patch - from Sierra. This patch fixes the udersteer and yellow flag bugs. Patches v1.01 to 1.02.
  • Indy Car Patch - from Sierra. This patch fixes the understeer and yellow flag bugs on the full hard drive install. Patches v1.00 to 1.02.
  • Indy Car Patch - from Sierra. This patch upgrades to version 1.04. If you have the track pack you already have this version.
  • READ ME FILES See this before downloading above patches. This will explain which patch you need. From Sierra.
  • Painkit Patch - Fixes the problem of the yellow line appearing on the car. [211k]
  • ICR2 SOUND PATCH - This little utility will give your Indy Cars the roar of the Nascar V-8's !!! Thanks to Wiley E Coyote ( for the routine. [43k]
  • AI UPDATE - Makes the ICR2 cars drive like indy cars, not stock cars on converted tracks. [661k]
  • Setopt11 - Change the number of cars you can have in a car set. Now run with 40 ! From Marcelo Bassino. [5k]


  • WINZIP The program you need to unzip many of the .zip programs at this site. Visit their site today and get a copy.
  • T1 Fix - Instructions for fixing your T1 pedal. By Keith Bolin (18k)
  • Gold Wave - This is a very good utility for editing the raw sound files in Nascar 1 and Indy Car 2. You can also convert them to wav format and vise-versa. Shareware by Chris Craig [466k]
  • NoiseMaster 2.0 - This utility allows you to edit the raw sound files in Nascar 1 and Indy Car 2. By Alwin Hoogerdijk[117k]