Version 1.0
November 22, 1998
Section 1 - Overview
Section 2 - Getting Started
Section 3 - Running a Race
Section 4 - Submitting Your Results
Section 5 - Scoring Your Results
Section 6 - Points
Section 7 - Driver Review Board
Section 8 - Other

Section 1 - Overview

N@50 The Series is the official league of Simulator Cyberworld and The
Pits and is governed by the SSCRA, Simulated Stock Car Racing Association.
The series is based loosely on the 1971 season of NASCAR.  

Section 2 - Getting Started

N@50 The Series uses The N@50 Project patch done by The Pits and Simulator
Cyberworld.  To compete in the series you need both the main installer and
the track installer.  Also you will need any additional files that we create
for use with the series and any patches that may be generated for the patch

Section 3 - Running a Race

Running a race is simple.  Visit the race settings portion of the web page.
On that page you will see settings for the current race and possibly future
races.  Download the settings file you would need, and then follow the
directions of the N50Res software and you will be off and running.

Saving your qualifying and race results:
The file name must be as follows:

f is your first initial of your first name
ll is your first two initials of your last name
s is either Q for qualifying or R for race.
## is the race number
50 is for N@50 The Series
.stn is automatically added by the sim.

Section 4 - Submitting Your Results

You would take your two files for your race and qualifying and zip them into
one single file.  Then you would e-mail that file as an attatchment to

Section 5 - Scoring Your Results

Once the league recieves your results, they are then compared and results 
generated per the following:

1. Laps Completed
2. Finishing Position
3. Average Race Speed
4. Qualifying Speed
5. Qualifying Position

Section 6 - Points

At the current moment, points will be awarded per the current NASCAR point
table.  If in the future we change this, then points will be re-calculated
to the new format.

Section 7 - Driver Review Board

A panel of 3 judges will be assembled to over hear protests that drivers
may have over results and/or penalties administered by the directors of 
the SSCRA.  To become a member, please write to 
and ask to become a member of the DRB.

Section 8 - Other

None at this time.

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