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TO ADD THESE TO YOUR GAME: rename the pcx to the name of your personal car file which is preceeded by an X. Example: I use file to drive with. If I wanted the giants paintscheme, I would rename giants.pcx to XC_Arndt.pcx and import it in the game. Pcx files must be no more than 8 characters long.

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Kestrel's Race Shop
Kestrel returns to painting at SCW! Updated 7/10/05
MOF's Monster Garage
MOF comes to SCW! Updated 2/02/04
Riley's Roadhouse
Riley's great work gets a new homne, here at SCW!!! Updated 2/10/05
Shep34's Garage
Updated 9/22/05
WR2's Paint Shop
WR2 brings his great work to SCW! Updated 9/22/05
Rolex 24 Cars
AussieV8's Great Daytona Prototypes! Updated 2/29/04
Faux 2004 Rolex 24 Set
Created by FanOf6! Last Updated 1/31/04
Fictional Page 1
Last Updated 12/1/99
Winston Cup 2000
Last Updated 2/18/00
Fictional Page 2
Last Updated 12/30/99
Team 3dfx Cars
Last Updated 2/26/00
Fictional Page 3
Last Updated 1/15/00
NFL Team Cars
Last Updated 2/26/00. By John C. Bohannon
Fictional Page 4
Last Updated 1/29/00
Fictional Page 5
Last Updated 2/26/00