Car of the Week has finally made it to Nascar 3! Send in your best artwork to Chris Arndt to be put into the competition!

Your artwork must be original! The Author must submit his own car file. For information on the proper way to submit your cars, please consult our policy page.

The cars are chosen by a committe of judges coming from several sim racing backgrounds. The judges are not eligible for any Car of the Week awards. The judges, which shall remain anonymous, select the winner based on a fair, non-partial selection process based on the paintscheme, originality, texturing, lighting effects, cooresponding parts (Chevy headlights on the Chevy Monte carlo) Proper Decal Placement, and overall eye appeal.

All artists who enter the COTW contest will have their email recorded and if they win they will be notified by email. All Car of the Week winners are eligible for Car of the Month. All Car of the Month winners are eligible for Car of the Year, one of the most prestigious awards in all of sim racing.

Any car file recieved to Simulator Cyberworld is automatically entered into the Car of the Week Contest.



Artist Description View Downld
Gary Shultis, Jr #85 Red Wing Shoes 2/19/00 View Download
Andy Keith #59 Wisconson Brewing 2/12/00 View Download
Steve Staser #11 Cincinnati Reds 2/5/00 View Download


Artist Description View Downld
Chris Mattice #45 RCA Monte Carlo JANUARY CAR OF THE MONTH View Download
Chris Mattice #45 RCA Monte Carlo 1/23/00 View Download
Dustin McGrew #51 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1/16/00 View Download
Derek Underwood #5 Pennzoil Monte Carlo 1/9/00 View Download
Devin Glenn #72 Autozone 1/3/00 View Download


Artist Description View Downld
Jeff Yenisch #89 The Persuasive Pen Pontiac Car Of the Month for December View Downld
Devin Glenn #15 WRW 12/27/99 View Downld
Gary Shultis, Jr #14 12/20/99 View Downld
Mark Brower #1 Harley Davidson 12/13/99 View Downld
Mark Bradshaw #51 Kool Aid 12/5/99 View Downld
TIE! Brent Wangen, Mark Brower #8 Budweiser Monte Carlo, #52 Sunoco Monte Carlo 11/22/99 View-8
Jeff Yenisch #89 The Persuasive Pen Pontiac Grand Prix 11/15/99 View Downld