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Have you ever wanted to qualify and line up against Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin, Al Unser and other drivers from the Winston Cup or Cart Series just as they did at actual events? One of the key features of this patch is that it will allow you to run your race against the actual starting lineup of the event.

This means you will qualify for the event and be placed in the lineup just as if you had actually run the race yourself.

For example, if you had qualified with a 195,1 mph at Daytona, you would have the pole and not Jeff Gordon. But Jeff would lineup right alongside of you and each of the other drivers would fall into their proper places right behind.

The REALISM PATCH runs outside the simulators and start the simulators for you, has it's own calendar, settings and allows you too adjust many things outside as well as inside the sims. Also, all season points are tracked outside the sim and the latest carsets are made available for each race with the latest paint jobs.

All updates can be found here on the Realism pages at Sim Cyberworld shortly after the race is run.


1999 Season

99-08-06: N2Real updated to correct reading results for race No 1 - Daytona (where special qualifying rules are used)

99-07-21: ICR2 Update for Cleveland, Elkhart Lake and Toronto

99-07-20: N2/99 Update for Save Mart Supermarket 300, Pepsi 400 - Daytona and Jiffy Lube 300

99-06-28: N2/99 Update for Pocono 500
ICR2: Cleveland

99-06-21: N2/99 Update for Coca Cola 600, MBNA Platinum 400, KMart 400
ICR2: Gateway, Milwaukee

99-05-31: N2/99 Update for Pontiac Excitement 400
ICR2: Rio

99-05-18: N2/99 Update for Diehard 500 and California 500
new versions of the WC patch
added support for CTS and BGN (with the help of Storm Motorgroup)
ICR2: Nazareth

99-04-25: N2/99 Update for Goody's Body Pain 500
ICR2: Long Beach

99-04-17: N2/99 Update for Primestar 500 and Food City 500
ICR2: Update for Motegi Twin Ring

99-03-28: N2/99 Update for TranSouth 400
ICR2 Update for Homestead

99-03-22: N2/99 Update for Las Vegas 400 and Cracker Barrell 400

99-03-01: N2/99 Update for Daytona 500 and BigK Mart 400


We have two versions of the patches for N2 and ICR2
Nascar 2 Winston Cup Season Patch
go to the N2/N99 patch page
Indycar 2/CART FedEx CART Season Patch
go to the ICR2 patch page

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