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News -

  • Mar 18 - Willow Springs has been posted and is ready for download. Special thanks goes out to Jan Kohl and Tony Krist on the hard work to complete this overdue track.

  • Mar 5 – First a correction from my last post. Sears70 is not NL-Sears97, it is a separate track based off the N2 Sears Point Raceway. NL-Sears97 is now posted on the NL Tracks page.

  • Feb 20 – Team Friendship did up the GPL version of Sears99. I have it linked from the GPL track section. On that same note, Coast2Coast released Sears70 (NL-Sears97) and Palm Beach Raceway (NL-Desert Winds). These are also linked via the Legends section. All three of these tracks will be in the Unofficial Track Pack, Best of 2000 (to be released when Willows is completed).

  • Feb 12 – Willow Springs is into the final stages. Just the TXT and LP files remaining before release (not to long I promise). Another screenshot of Willows can be found here. Sears97 for Nascar Legends is 99% complete as well, just some minor bug fixing. The credit for NL-Sears97 belongs to Austin Thompson for the NL conversion, and Tony Krist for his hard work on the graphics and 3do changes. Both tracks will be released together

    On another note, the Unofficial Track Pack, Best of 2000 has been held for the simple reason that Willow Springs, NL-Sears97, and NL-Desert Winds (known as Palm Springs Raceway in NL) were close enough to completion to be included on the CD. Once those tracks are released the CD will be available within days after.

  • Jan 22 – The track pack now has a name, “Unofficial Track Pack, Best of 2000”, and now has all of David Noonan’s GPL tracks, The Pits Touring Cars and Trans-AM patches included. Big thanks to David and the guys at the Pits for allowing their work to be included. More info here

    Willow Springs is progressing nicely. The group of 5 testers whom have all driven the track (from karts to stock-cars) have all agreed that the track looks and feel right. Objects are being placed this week, graphics after that. We are hoping to have it finished up for the track pack.

  • Jan 18 – Since Sears Point Raceway has been the talk of the forums lately I have decided to post the 2001 and 2002 configurations of SPR on the N3 Tracks page.
    NOTE: These tracks were created at the same time as Sears99 were never completed and still are not, both are very drive-able, only Sears02 has AI, and neither support the CTS addon.

    If you had heard about the Track Pack to be released soon, then you are all caught up on our happenings. The track pack should be ready within the next 2 weeks. More info here

  • Dec 13 – Corby Motor Speedway is released on the N3 Tracks page. NOTE: The CAM files have not yet been completed but I saw no reason to continue to hold this up for just that reason. Probably patch in the near future for this.

    With Corby released, my plans are shifting away from the N3/NL track creation business. Though I have no immediate plans for another track it is still possible that I may do some in the future. I do want to give special thanks to Tony Krist, Bugs, Dave (Turtle), as well as the guys at TheUSPits for all their support and assistance with these tracks. I will probably still be working with Coast 2 Coast, assisting them with their projects and the N3>NL conversions for all the TEP tracks listed in these pages. Don’t think this is the final track worth a download from TEP, as it will most likely not be the case. I am always open to hearing any ideas of a great track that suits N3 or NL and with enough persuasion I may just build it as well. Tony has taken over the NL-BIR and you should see that released at C2C soon enough. – Tim McArthur

  • Dec 3 – N3 Trenton is now available for download on the N3 Tracks page.

  • Nov 23 – I am still working on a few other projects; N3-Trenton, Legends versions of BIR, Desert Winds Raceway and Oval, Sears99 and Sears97. I have been asked to do Bullrun2k for the guys over at TPTCC and am near completion. Also have a new track to be released in the next few weeks; think “Vegas meets Pocono meets IMS”. I will post a screenshot soon.

    FordTest was in need of a new Pit.lp file so the AI will enter and exit the pits correctly. It is included in the patch as of today, but if you want just the pit.lp you can get it here.

    Also, added FordTest and SkidPad conversions for Legends on the
    NL Tracks page for you Legends freaks.

    The Watkins Glen “Inner-Loop Removal” track (no IL) has been posted on the N3 Tracks page. It is the same standard as our earlier released Inner-Loop Fix, but this time… no Inner-Loop at all. Special thanks to Leonard Rosenthal for the inspiration on this project.

  • Nov 22 – AI patch for the Watkins Glen Inner Loop Fix and the FordTest camera patch are on the N3 Tracks page.

  • Nov 2 - Fordtest and Skidpad are posted on the N3 Tracks page. Would also like to welcome Sam Hongat to TEP as our primary “cam guy”. Sam is already working on the cam files for FordTest and we will have them here soon enough.

  • Oct 21 –Trenton is complete and can be downloaded from the NL Tracks page or from the USPits.

Welcome to the Track Editing Project. Marcello Bassino is the original creator of this project (long before the BB&B days) and in the same spirit we have attempted to keep it alive here at SC. Today, TEP takes a step forward by opening up TEP membership to any track editor interested. Our goal is simple at TEP. To create tracks while working in a group atmosphere, to learn, to experiment and to just plain have fun.

Membership Requirements
To be a member in TEP all you need to do is show the membership folks that you deserve it. Simply, TEP will not be a college for track editing. Members have to show an ability to do some editing via a hex editor and/or other tools or be able to do decent graphical work. Members will help each other learn new things and new tricks in making new toys. If you feel you can contribute, to TEP and to the enhancement of sim racing for all, by all means use the link below to send us an email.

Now hopefully we haven't started to sound too stuffy. TEP is about sharing and having fun. Our goal is to simply assemble a team of editors that can work on a track project from A-Z. As a side benefit, we hope this spurs interest in editing other areas of the sim as well. And in the process we can all become a little smarter and a little better acquainted.

TEP Today

  • Tim McArthur - Membership, HTML, and track creation.
  • Bugs Bunny - N3-Editing, and graphics.
  • Tony Krist - N3 and GPL-Editing, and graphics.
  • Sam Hongat – The “CAM man”.

Join US today.

Disclaimer: Software located within is free and may not be redistributed or reposted without express permission. Use of these tracks as a display, training tool, or any other means then personal entertainment is strictly prohibited.




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