I have now taken over the motorcycle section and will be adding reviews of the new games as they are available to us. I am not a biker, but the motorcycle games have come a long way from the first one I tried several years ago.  The next generation motorcycle games coming out this year ought to be awesome to race on, and I am looking forward to racing on each one of  them. I also have a new force feedback wheel controller to try out all the features that each game provides in the force feedback game play. I will cover both the Superbikes and the Motocross games that come out.

Note: We need a good motorcycle controller to match these great games.   <hehe>  I have tried the Superbike game with my wheel controller and it is not bad, but it is very hard to flip through the chicanes and do the leaning into the corners accurately/correctly on some of the tracks. If any of you have good suggestions on a great motorcycle controller, please send me your review on what the controller is, and how you like it and I will start a section on controllers for motorcycle games.

Dave Thayer ( )

Superbike World Championship from Ubisoft, which is out now,  is my first good look at what a real motorcycle game can do in the superbike world of racing. They give you several real type bikes, and get to race on real tracks. The bold letters will be changed to a link shortly to talk about this game which has been out for a short time now.

Now since Superbike World championship is out, there is an announcement that a sequel is coming right behind it.  It is called Superbike 2000. Information can be found at the following Location.

New game:  Superbike 2000 game

GP500 Motorcycle game by Microprose is another great motorcycle game that will depict the International  style drivers and tracks to race on. This link will point you to a page that has many pictures of what the game will look like. Available later this year(3rd or 4th quarter).  Right now there is also a demo out for the GP500 game. It is a 18.5 Meg file and can be found right now at:

GP500 Demo : Avault web site

GP500.Net -  another great web site

Motorsports Simulation Inc is in the process of creating a new AMA motorcycle simulation. From what we've gathered this spring a series of online racing arenas will be setup. Screen shots are looking good for it so far. Dave Thayer, our resident multiplayer guru, has promised to keep an eye out for more info. This game should be out around September 19th according to Electronic Boutique store.  No demo so far for the game that I know of.