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BGN league News

If you are interested in clean, close door to door, very competitive racing, click on the Friday Night BGN league series button below. This league races on the TEN online gaming network using Nascar 2 and the BGN track pack. The format is IROC(fixed setup) mode of racing. Everyone in this league are very friendly and willing to help each other to be the best racers and to make it one of the best series on TEN.  Nascar 1999 is not supported at this time.

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On the NRO scene - Whats New


Not much news lately on TEN. The TEN network seems to be working very   well now.  I am getting green flags again in the Vahalla zones with just my standard modem.  There was a new enabler about a month ago and caused some network problems, but TEN has seemed to have fixed the problems.  We also had some nights where the system would do mass boots, but that has settled down now.

Do not know when the NROs will start up their contest series again. Several of the league series, Speedies, BGN, MNM are starting up new seasons. More information is on my BGN web pages.  SSCRA TEN online league series is still going strong with Chris Keenan. Go to SC home page for link to his series.

Thats about it for now.  See you on the track and driver hard, but drive clean.

Dave Thayer(director of BGN Friday night league)

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NRO Columns by Dave Thayer


In the coming weeks weeks we will be bringing you more information on the various online racing options that are available to your for the various sims focusing mainly on Nascar 2. We also hope, however to look at some of the other sims as well. If you are presently racing online and would like to join our team please send us an email and let us know of your interest and experience.




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