Kelly's Korner

 Kelly Everything explained here is based on being in the "NR1999/TPTCC main directory". For me, that's C:\SIERRA\NR1999TC, but it could be somewhere else on your system. This is the directory were NR1999.EXE and MAIN.DAT are stored, and where you installed the TPTCC99 patch. Get it?

Okay, to install a new car, you need to know about 3 directories:

  • Well, I already told you about the main directory. If you download a file, named something like "Xmycar.PCX" (where 'mycar' can be anything), you should save it in NR1999's main directory.
  • Then there's the directory where TPTCC99 stores all the car files, and that's \TRUCKS under NR1999's main directory. TPTCC uses the trucks rather than the cars, because the trucks 'behave' more like a touringcar than the stockcars do. Here you will find files named like "mycar.TRK" (again, 'mycar' can be anything).
  • There's a small bug in TPTCC99 v0.90 beta (that's why it's a beta!), that doesn't allow you to paint cars in the \TRUCKS directory. So, we use the regular \CARS directory for that (also under the main directory).

Let's get to work. First make sure you are in NR1999's main directory. I'm not going to explain that anymore, you should know by now. Next stop is the \CARS directory. In DOS, type this (hit Enter after each line):
Now backup this file:
('ori' as in 'original' ;-). Now we copy a file from the \TRUCKS directory:
The result of this is that if you go to the CARS paintshop, the cars look exactly the same as on the track. Clever, eh?

What we do next, depends on what you have:

That's it for now. Look forward to see you again soon!

(Sim Cyberworld Motorsports mechanic)