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 Kelly You want to know about how to install a new car? Great! Here we talk about installing a "Xmycar.PCX" type of file. If you got a "mycar.CAR" or "mycar.TRK", go here.

(better make a hard-copy of this, you'll need it!)

After you downloaded the car's PCX file, unzip it to NR1999's main program directory using WinZip or PkUnZip:
You will notice a new file, which name starts with "X" and ends with ".PCX". Make a note of whatever is between those two. I use "mycar" as an example here. You can now delete the archive file:
(or move it to diskette or cd-r for future use). Now go to the \CARS directory:
and copy any of the existing cars, e.g. the player's car:
where "mycar" is exactly the same as what is between the "X" and the ".PCX" of the file you downloaded. Go back to the main directory and fire up NR1999:
    CD ..
If you're using the rendition or 3d version of NR1999, start that, like "NR19993D.EXE" or "NR1999R.EXE".

When the main menu pops up, select "Driver Info". You'll get to the screen with all the drivers names. On the top-right, select "Cars". Since you've made a copy of your own (T_PLAYER.CAR) above, your name (or "The Player") should now also appear in the list on the left side. Click on that to select it. Click on "Info" on the bottom menu.

You're now in the Driver Info screen. First change the driver's name (left bottom) and car number (top middle) to whatever goes with the car to be installed. You may also want to change other info. Click on "Save" to save the changes and then on "PaintShop". With the (old) car layout all over your screen, click on "Import". When asked "Import car and pit colors too?", click on "Yes". The new car's layout will now appear on your screen. Click on "Save" to save the new car and three times on "Return" to get back to the main menu and finally on "Exit" to get out of the Sim.

Back in NR1999's main directory, go to the \TRUCKS directory:
and move the new car from the \CARS directory to the \TRUCKS directory:
As you see, we did not only move the file, we changed the filename's extension from '.CAR' to '.TRK' on the fly. Smart kid, uh?

On next page I will tell you how to put the new car in the drivers list and activate it for on-track duty...

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