NEW:  SCGT and TOCA2 pages have been updated. Grand Touring game by Empire has now been added. Re-Volt and NFS4 High Stakes coming soon.

Coming in the next weeks, I will be covering these games using my new Force Feedback controller to let you know how well they work with the Sidewinder Force Feedback controller by Microsoft.   It now makes me feel more into the games now with the Wheel controller reacting to the car bumps and different track terrains.So far with my initial tests with Toca 2, SCGT, Viper Racing, and Need for Speed, High Stakes, I am very impressed in what the controller does.

I have applied the latest patches for some of the games below which will also be reviewed. Right now there are patches for Toca 2 and SCGT to improve the game play.

Also, if you are into the Touring Car Roadracing using either Nascar2 or Nascar99, please go to the following URL which is located also on the Simulator Cyberworld Web Site. Here you will find new tracks, Carsets depicting Touring cars, and update patches to turn the Nascar game into a exciting and fun way to do Touring Car Racing.

Touring Car Roadracing using Nascar 2 or Nascar 99

The pages below will be revamped as I get into doing each section. If you have any questions on any of the games below, please feel free to contact me. I have every one listed below.

Dave Thayer  ( )

  • Need For Speed 4 - High Stakes
Be it Vipers or touring cars, there is no challenge better to conquer than a good road course.