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Road Thrills - 4 in 1 Pack

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Road Thrills 4 in 1 Pack Review

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Well here's a nice addition to a racing/driving fan's library. Infrogames Road Thrills 4 in 1 Pack. It includes (for a low,low price) Dirt Track Racing, Driver, Test Drive 6, and Harley Davidson Race Across America. Infrogames could have easily gotten the suggested retail price for 3 out the 4 games. But instead they bundled all 4 for $19.99.

The ultimate thrill ride is speeding towards the PC. A robust collection of PC racing titles that includes FULL VERSIONS of Driver, Test Drive 6, Dirt Track Racing, and Harley-Davidson: Race Across America. Whether cruising the open road on a Harley, slinging mud in stock cars, going undercover as a wheelman for hire, or speeding through exotic locations in some of the finest fastest cars, Road Thrills delivers racing excitement for everyone.

First off a little information on each game.


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