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Road Thrills 4 in 1 Pack Review

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Harley Davidson: Race Across America

Saddle up and prepare for the race of a lifetime as you step into the fully 3D world of Harley-Davidson: Race Across America. 1999's Best selling motorcycle racing game let's players race their Harley across the country in a mad scramble to the mecca of motorcycling - Sturgis, South Dakota. As your action packed journey unfolds, you will be faced with challenging competitors and unpredictable roads.

This is the game they could have left out the bundle. When you buy something with the Harley-Davidson name on it one can expect top of the line. This fails in every area. The graphics are kinda good but not up to or nowhere near the prior 1999 games. Basically I couldn't wait to finish the game so I could uninstall the game from my computer. Again this one could have been left out of the bundle, unless they were just trying to get rid of the leftover cd's they had to have left; no way they sold a lot of these games.


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