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    Welcome to the BB&B Track Editing Project. The oldest running track editing project on the internet. Our goal since we first began many years ago has been to make sim racing more fun for everyone. We hope we have accomplished that.

    We get many emails asking why we haven't released anything new lately. The answer is simple. Instead of making new stuff, we have entered full programming mode to create some neat toys for everyone to do what we do. The end result is gonna be..... well just plain awesome.

    WHO IS BB&B:

    BB&B consists of Andre De'Boer, Marcelo Bassino, Charles Bornemann, Matt Harper, Brian Fox and Jon VanGinneken.

    Corey Rueckheim is a friend of BB&B.

    Andre originally started the work alone. He then found a friend in me (Chas) and we began to work together. I soon after recruited Marcelo to join our efforts. Now we work together and do so, very well. In September of 1997, Corey was welcomed into BB&B and in November of 1997 Matt joined BB&B as a N2 graphics specialist. In April 1998 Corey, decided to leave BB&B to concentrate more fully on his schoolwork and Brian Fox was asked to join the BB&B Project as a Rendition Specialist. Brian immediately had an impact as he requested Chas to rewrite some tools specifically for rendition type projects (that had been previously overlooked). Enter Jon Van Ginneken in February 1999. Jon now occupies the position of trk specialist and his impact has been felt through our latest projects time and time again.

    That brings us to the point we are at today. The oldest track editing team and the very best research team on the internet today. Although you don't see the utilities and tools we write posted on internet web sites, the results are plainly evident as our track editing capabilities have now progressed to the point of being able to completely build a track within a matter of a few hours. We can now easily add new sections of track, add and remove objects all evident in our latest tracks and track projects.

    Of course that doesn't mean our work is anywhere near complete. Our goal of course is to be able to build a track from scratch and each day we work we get a little bit closer to that goal. Today we are very close to that goal and also to our goal of creating a track editor for the sims. Perhaps with a little luck, success will come soon for all to enjoy !

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