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  • "In Memory to The Greatest-Devoted Husband,Father,and Stock Car Racer"
    Picture credits go to Nascar.com

    The hardware section is now getting updated with new products that are out on the market that will help in better graphics, high quality sound, controlling your race car, and sending racing hotkey messages via keystroke or voice. This section is dedicated to what is being used in the SIM Racing world by the SC team members and others that I race against each week on TEN. UPCOMING (subject to change):
    -TSW2 Formula Steering Wheel Review
    -SBLIVE sound card
    - Projection Screen System for Racing
    -Cable Modem - coming this winter when TCI installs it on my system.

    Review done by Chas Bornemann on Sim Pros.

    Review done by Chris Keenan on the Logitech FF wheel controller has been added to the hardware section under "Wheel Controllers". Also his review of the New Voodoo 3500 card review is now up in the hardware section under "graphics accelerators".

    Both the Thrustmaster Pro and the Microsoft Sidewinder FF wheel controllers have been added to hardware section reviews. A special keypad review from PI Engineering to help in your multiple keystrokes by the press of one button has now been added to hardware section.

    May -
    ACT Labs showed off their new addon shifter unit for their force feedback wheels.  The shifter is the first for PC that isn't purely sequential.   It will allow the user to shift directly from any gear to another without having to go through all the others in between.  It will have a variety of interchangeable configurations, from sequential to 4-speed up to 7-speed.  Good stuff, maybe I can get a hold of the whole setup to give it a whirl.  No promises though.

    April -
    -ASUS has released new drivers for its 3400TNT cards (uses nVIDIA's RIVA TNT technology).  They can be found at the official website http://www.asus.com/ and also several gaming sites.
    -Wicked3D has dropped its prices on many of its products.   Their Voodoo2 cards have dropped from $149 to $119, and only $199 for two cards (for SLI mode).  They've also slashed the pricetag of their 3D eyewear, the eyeSCREAM, from $129 to $99.
    -The Voodoo3 cards are finally out (at least the 2000 and the 3000).  There aren't too many reviews out yet and my attempts to snag one from STB were going fine until about a week ago so we'll just have to hang onto the edges of our seats until we get some news.
    Stay tuned!

    • Windows 98 and Gaming From CGW and Denny Atkin. Check out this informative article if you're afraid of W98.

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